Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Emergency Preparedness. Are you Prepared for an Emergency?

     Good Morning bloggers.

      Today's news talk about North Korea preparing for US Attack. North Korean UN Ambassador, speaks about nuclear war, and my household is not ready for it. Is it yours? 

Don't quote me on this one my sources are word of a mouth.
       As I wake up today first news from the NY Post is, North Korea prepares to attack, As per North Korean vice president of foreign affairs told ABC, North Korea is ready to attack "IF"Provoked that doesn't sound too friendly. 
As well as North Korean Kim In Ryong UN Deputy Ambassador informs that a Nuclear War might start at any minute

     I was told by someone that Pence stood at the North Korean border just staring at the abyss, (That to me is provocation) 

     As things heat up between North Korea and USA, many countries prepare for the war, with only minutes to spare to seek shelter. 

     So, my question is Are You Prepared? I surely not. Things are looking a bit uncertain, so having a way to be at our own defense wouldn't hurt. Getting a first aid Kit, and some survival skill would be a good idea, as well as a "72 HOUR EMERGENCY KIT" do you know how to make one? 

     The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, teach us, among so many things, "Self Reliance". Although that's a very broad subject one of the points they touch is to be prepare for a case of an emergency either be short term or long term, "BE PREPARE" the 72 hours kit would have all your essentials to help you as you wait to be rescued, including money and your scriptures. But how about long term preparedness?

      Church teach us to have a 3, 6 or 1 year supply of food and essentials such as water and paper toilet, monetary savings, and propane gas among other things. Each household determine what's essential to survive any emergency event. 
     Preparing for any long term event is as easy as buying few extra cans of beans, corn or whatever you household eats in a regular basis. I invite you to add few more cans of tomatoes next time you go shopping, you'll see how it adds up. 

     Things are unclear nowadays, preparing for a disaster wouldn't hurt. Just in case.

Luv y'all


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