Friday, January 18, 2008

Let's Help Marlene

Visit this link and read about it
Marlene is running for the cure.
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"You name it, You Own it"

This is Lulu/Patches/Kitty, (I kind of ruled for Lulu) anyway this is the cat that we weren't going to keep, but she knows whose butt to kiss and she still here.
Hubby: What the deuce are you doing with that thing?
Wife: We found it. (not really)
Hubby: Get rid of it.
Wife: but she's so little, still needs help with feeding.
Hubby:Don't care get rid of it, you know I'm allergic.

Wife: I'll give her away when she eats by herself.
Hubby: Not do it now.
Wife: But she's not even potty trained yet, nobody will take her if she's not trained.
Hubby (Very annoyed by now): Get rid of it soon.
Wife: OK!

To make long story short, she stared to earn Walt's love, that he ended up buying her the little box, the food dish, the cat food, her pink collar and a little pole with a ball on the top so she can play, I think at this point she's here to stay.
She likes me a little, but Walt is her men, she doesn't like anybody to pick her up, just Walt, and when he comes from work she greets him, and when he leaves for work she looks out the window until she can't see him no more.
She is very funny and smart. So I think Lulu is here to stay

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I did it myself

This is the street that runs next to my house, I live in a dead end and people think this is our driveway, (I like to keep it that way).

Anyway it's actually a street called Prescott, and the city is supposed to clean it but they don't.

Last year Walter told the guy with the plow that this was a street, well Walt followed him to City Hall were they determined that this is a street and not our driveway SO the city has to clean it.

Guess what? yesterday they didn't clean it SO; pretty little me clean the whole thing, just because I'm a good wife and didn't want my hubby to have a hard time getting in or out, and because I'm a good mom and didn't want Sam or Steven to fall in the ice, (or maybe just because i don't want mud all over the house)

So I clean it and I count it as my daily work out :D. By the way I cleaned the STREET with the shovel because the snow blower doesn't work, so yes I'm proud to say I cleaned the street.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Congrats Marbles

I KNEW IT! well I had the feeling that our new Bishop was going to be Adam, Nice young Guy, huge responsibility, but the Lord prepared him for a while to get this and he is going to grow stronger in this calling.

When I saw Adam I just Knew it, I had been thinking about him for weeks and this morning I knew it was "the day" I told him about my feelings and he just said "We'll see" and walked away, (he knew I would had cracked him down in a second :D) he didn't want to say a word but his face said it all.

I am a 1000% in favor of his calling, our Father in Heaven had set his path from the beginning, I will back up all decisions he will take from now on with respect of our ward because I know that our First Presidency received the revelation from our Lord to select him as our Bishop.

I can only describe the way I feel about Adam and this new calling as: "I am very proud and happy for him, he is just a wonderful person with a even greater spirit".

I was also a little sad for Eric he's been in the bishopric for a while and he had done an outstanding work there, but our Father in Heaven have different plans for him and they won't be less important that the work he did in the bishopric.

Our ward is going through great changes, before I thought about just the Bishopric, RS and Primary, but now we had to include the Young Men to the list, I have the feeling that our Father in Heaven is having fun selecting the brothers and sisters for the new callings.
Scripture of the Day

"Bring ye all the tithes
into the storehouse, that
there may be meat in mine house,
and prove me now herewith,
saith the Lord of hosts;
if I will not open you the
windows of heaven, and pour
you out a blessing, that
there shall not be room enough
to receive it

-Malachi 3:10-
Country Wisdom

"Friendship is
a plant
which must
often be

-German Proverb-

Weird things my Family Says

Walt to Maureen, the day of the Talk: Try to say Polo- Ponies not paloponees people will understand you...
Maureen: When do I say that? before or after the talk?
Steven: Why do I have to do laundry. Just buy me more clothes...
Samantha: I'm six (not really) I can go out by myself
Steven: "Mom!! Samantha is not sharing her milk"
Samantha: "NOoo! I have GOODIES, I'm coughing"
Samantha, the day we didn't know where Oddie was: " Mami!! Oddie TESTAPIER"...
Mom giggling: "don't worry we'll find him"
Samantha to mom the day she had her teeth checked at school:
"The doctor said I don't have cabinets in my teeth"
Samantha to Steven the day he came from school and rang the doorbell as he opened the door with his key:
"Why you ding the dong?"

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