Thursday, August 7, 2008

Guess What? ? ? ?

Yes I had to do it, Jen, Kim, Kayla, everybody was driving me nuts with the whole thing. I went and order them all at one shot It didn't cost me much since my brother has a year thingy with and the shipping was free, and I save like $9.35 in the whole purchase, so they say.
So if I don't answer the phone is because I'm hooked on the new books I got, if I don't like them I will meet with you personally, I just don't like the fact that the first book is paperback and the others are hard cover. . . Anyway; So see yall around!! . . .

By the way did you noticed the countdown?

Monday, August 4, 2008


I was there last year working with AVON, it was very hot in out tent but very nice and fresh outside it. WE HAVE TO GO i got many, plenty of goodies, and i bought very nice and cheap items like my all favorite Egyptian cotton sheets, for $20, I love them they get that soft every time you wash them, you will be a fool if you miss it. parking is $5 and entrance as you can see will be free.

They are not paying me for this, I just want to spreed the news. I really enjoy it last year and regret I didn't have more time to enjoy the place.

I'll be going very early in the morning, believe me it's the best time right about noon things are getting busy, I'm planning on seeing everything and getting a sample of everything. I'm bringing a backpack for all. If you can't print this coupon send me a note I'll e-mail it to you. and since it is Women's Expo husbands are allowed for caring bags or watching kids. See you all there.
Scripture of the Day

"Bring ye all the tithes
into the storehouse, that
there may be meat in mine house,
and prove me now herewith,
saith the Lord of hosts;
if I will not open you the
windows of heaven, and pour
you out a blessing, that
there shall not be room enough
to receive it

-Malachi 3:10-
Country Wisdom

"Friendship is
a plant
which must
often be

-German Proverb-

Weird things my Family Says

Walt to Maureen, the day of the Talk: Try to say Polo- Ponies not paloponees people will understand you...
Maureen: When do I say that? before or after the talk?
Steven: Why do I have to do laundry. Just buy me more clothes...
Samantha: I'm six (not really) I can go out by myself
Steven: "Mom!! Samantha is not sharing her milk"
Samantha: "NOoo! I have GOODIES, I'm coughing"
Samantha, the day we didn't know where Oddie was: " Mami!! Oddie TESTAPIER"...
Mom giggling: "don't worry we'll find him"
Samantha to mom the day she had her teeth checked at school:
"The doctor said I don't have cabinets in my teeth"
Samantha to Steven the day he came from school and rang the doorbell as he opened the door with his key:
"Why you ding the dong?"

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