Friday, April 7, 2017

Times have changed

      I saw a man wearing an American flag as a shirt, hitting (closed fist) a Hispanic woman, because her opinion contradicts his.

     I saw an innocent black man get arrested because He fit the profiled. I saw his mouth get silenced, his opinion being ignored, because he is black.

    I saw a man roll his eyes at me, because I was gonna take the empty sit next to him. I felt the tension emanating from his skin, and my fear grow with every breath.

    I saw a white man shoot a black boy, from his open garage, because the boy walked on his front yard, and because he was loud.

    I saw a white woman, lunch her whole body to this Mexican worker, because he was breathing her air.

     I saw a man accusing another of carrying a bomb wrapped around his body. Because he was Islamic.

     I saw a group of people insult a foreigner field worker, because he was tired and wanted to have lunch, at the same cafe.

     I saw a woman ignore the question of an Hispanic woman. Don't know why.

    I saw a white man, talk down a young Mexican woman, because she was thought to respect others.

     Times had change. ... Have you noticed?

Did your way of living had regressed 100 years or more?
Have you noticed how acceptable hurting, or mistreating others had become?
Have you noticed yourself?
Have you changed?

     In 25 living in this country, until Now I'm worry about who I am, and how people see me.

Times have changed.....

Scripture of the Day

"Bring ye all the tithes
into the storehouse, that
there may be meat in mine house,
and prove me now herewith,
saith the Lord of hosts;
if I will not open you the
windows of heaven, and pour
you out a blessing, that
there shall not be room enough
to receive it

-Malachi 3:10-
Country Wisdom

"Friendship is
a plant
which must
often be

-German Proverb-

Weird things my Family Says

Walt to Maureen, the day of the Talk: Try to say Polo- Ponies not paloponees people will understand you...
Maureen: When do I say that? before or after the talk?
Steven: Why do I have to do laundry. Just buy me more clothes...
Samantha: I'm six (not really) I can go out by myself
Steven: "Mom!! Samantha is not sharing her milk"
Samantha: "NOoo! I have GOODIES, I'm coughing"
Samantha, the day we didn't know where Oddie was: " Mami!! Oddie TESTAPIER"...
Mom giggling: "don't worry we'll find him"
Samantha to mom the day she had her teeth checked at school:
"The doctor said I don't have cabinets in my teeth"
Samantha to Steven the day he came from school and rang the doorbell as he opened the door with his key:
"Why you ding the dong?"

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