Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Would you be at my Funeral?

      Have you ever given a thought of all the people you meet throughout your life?

      Do you remember your best friend in kindergarten? How about the kid you liked in preschool, that you happen to punch?........ Remember the principal you had to face after the incident?

      How about first grade teacher? ... ... ... ... ....  Hey do you remember the person who made you laugh throughout the whole time you were at the ER after that bad accident?

      I remember many of my childhood friends... .... ... So sad can't remember their names, but I remember the ones who told me the scary stories behind the noises I used to hear during quiet nights.  .  . 

      Also the ones I thought I was crazy in love with..... (still no names).... 

      As I grew up I made a note to learn more about the people I met, beside their names; I try to maintain contact as much as I can... But let me tell you a story:

      When I was about 12 or 13 I had this friend, after a long period of illness she passed away, it was my first wake. Seeing her on her coffin so alone and serious made me think.... "I don't think I ever learned her name?"

      Many things I recall from the time period, many things like her wake I can't void from my mind.

      My point?.... well there were not that many people at her wake, I didn't go to the funeral.... I didn't have anything to say about her. Since then a question had linger in my mind; 

      If I died tonight; Who will come to my funeral? 

      Do you think that my fourth grade teacher, Jorge, will see my obituary and say, "that girl drove me crazy on my days; I think I will see her one more time"
      How about the classmates I had in high school? do you think they will remember the one who use to skip mass, and couldn't dance for beans?

     How about the guys I liked, will they give me a moment of thought, after the knowledge of my passing? ... ... ...

     As a grown up, and in the later days, I came to be in some funerals, But as I sat through them this question lingered in my mind... If the deceased could see who is at his/her's funeral, would they be happy to see the ones he thought forgot him?? .... 

      Every day and as the days pass, I try to strengthen friendships, but as I talk to friends the question is in the back of my mind... If I died tonight, would you be at my funeral? 

       If you were to pass away tonight you'll be miss by me, I probably will regret that I was not a better friend to you, I will close my eyes and remember something about you, and smile... Would you do that for me?

     Would you look at the sky and try to remember where we met? ... ... Would you try to think about the time we ____________ (fill the blank) Would you try to place me on your memory bank?

       You can be assured I will do this things for you...

Scripture of the Day

"Bring ye all the tithes
into the storehouse, that
there may be meat in mine house,
and prove me now herewith,
saith the Lord of hosts;
if I will not open you the
windows of heaven, and pour
you out a blessing, that
there shall not be room enough
to receive it

-Malachi 3:10-
Country Wisdom

"Friendship is
a plant
which must
often be

-German Proverb-

Weird things my Family Says

Walt to Maureen, the day of the Talk: Try to say Polo- Ponies not paloponees people will understand you...
Maureen: When do I say that? before or after the talk?
Steven: Why do I have to do laundry. Just buy me more clothes...
Samantha: I'm six (not really) I can go out by myself
Steven: "Mom!! Samantha is not sharing her milk"
Samantha: "NOoo! I have GOODIES, I'm coughing"
Samantha, the day we didn't know where Oddie was: " Mami!! Oddie TESTAPIER"...
Mom giggling: "don't worry we'll find him"
Samantha to mom the day she had her teeth checked at school:
"The doctor said I don't have cabinets in my teeth"
Samantha to Steven the day he came from school and rang the doorbell as he opened the door with his key:
"Why you ding the dong?"

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